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Beshies always want what’s best for each other – oil-free skin!

Beshie tip 1: Moisturize
Never leave your skin hanging! Use an oil-free moisturizer after you wash your face with Eskinol facial cleanser with Pure Lemon Extract to keep your skin hydrated and oil-free.

Beshie tip 2: Eat healthy
Avoiding too much oil in your food also gets rid of the oil in your skin. Watching what you eat helps you maintain the good condition of your skin and stops it from being too oily.

Beshie tip 3: Exercise!
Having smooth and healthy skin starts from within! Prevent excess oil from your skin by getting rid of bacteria in your body through sweating.

Beshie tip 4: Get enough rest
Sleeping beauty is not an icon for nothing! Make sure you have enough dose of your beauty rest to keep your skin healthy and prevent it from producing excess oil.

Beshie tip 5: Be gentle on your skin
Using the right product that matches your skin is important to your daily skin care routine. Wash your face regularly with Eskinol to prevent excess oil from building up and clogging your pores.

What can you say, bes?
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