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Have effortlessly clean looking skin like Maine Mendoza

1. Hands off your face
Pimple-pricking problem? That’s a no-no! Keep dirt from going deeper into your pores by keeping your hands away from your flawless face.

2. Develop a good skin care routine
Make looking good a habit! Getting clear skin does not end with eliminating pimples, blackheads and whiteheads. Keep your skin dirt-free by using a cleanser that goes deep beyond what soap can’t reach, and with Eskinol, you can do just that!

3. Be equipped!
Being a girl scout can always come in handy! Being exposed to dust and dirt can harm your skin, and having facial tissues ready in your bag can be a solution to your problem.

4. Pamper your skin
Make sure you are collecting compliments, not dirt by treating yourself to a deep facial cleanse with Eskinol! Do this regularly to keep your skin looking naturally and flawlessly clean.

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